Sybase PowerDesigner

Sybase PowerDesigner, the industry-leading modeling and metadata management tool, offers a model-driven approach to empower and align business and IT.

Your data governance, business intelligence, integration and consolidation efforts benefit from metadata management as PowerDesigner establishes a single version of accurate, key information assets. PowerDesigner's enterprise-wide impact analysis reduces time, risk and cost associated with changes throughout your information architecture.

PowerDesigner enables our customers to:

  • Establish a single version of key information assets
  • Implement data governance best practices by managing the flow of information between all phases of IT and Business
  • Capture, articulate manage and share all levels of metadata
  • Provide consistent information, when and where needed, to improve decision making
  • Enforce governance and accountability for key information assets in support of compliance
  • Enable information to be shared and exchanged, with appropriate safeguards
  • Support efficiency, collaboration and transparency needs
  • Leverage information assets to support business goals and strategies