Information Builders. Integrity. Integration. Intelligence.

Information Builders provides business intelligence, integration, and data integrity solutions that help to:

  • Generate revenue from customer acquisition
  • Differentiate through quality of service
  • Support operations with reliable data
  • Detect and prevent fraud, waste, and abuse
  • Mitigate risk and ensure compliance

All from the same platform for faster time to market and lower cost per user.

That's why business intelligence is better here. Explore our solutions to find out more.


  • Retail Sales Analytics Dashboard
    Users can analyze sales performance data that is aggregated and visualized in a number of ways, including weekly, by district, by division, and for each of its major store brands.
  • Call Center Operations Dashboard
    Reports and dashboards provide management, as well as operational employees, with visibility into key areas of the call center, including peak times, ticket volume, and product issues.
  • Data Quality Indicator
    This demo contains various data profiles of different data within iWay Data Profiler. The profiles show different data, such as names and addresses, in various fields. The demo provides a variety of ways to view the data and to visually determine its quality.