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PowerDesigner InformationArchitect 16 - Evaluation Software Download

Thank you for your interest in Sybase PowerDesigner and Sybase PowerAMC evaluation software. This software contains all the features and functionality for PowerDesigner InformationArchitect and PowerAMC Information Studio – please be sure to pay special attention when downloading from the following links to ensure you download the correct version.

Sybase Technical Support does not support this software. Please contact your local Sybase sales representative if you have any questions. Please bookmark this page so you may easily refer back to it should you have any difficulties downloading or installing. Software is provided as a self-extracting installation executables and supporting ZIP files.

This product will expire in 15 days. If you find you need more than 15 days to complete your evaluation of PowerDesigner, please call 1-800-8-SYBASE or contact your local Sybase office to request an extension key.

To install the PowerDesigner 16 or PowerAMC 16 trial software:

  • Download the trial software file by selecting a link below and saving it in a temporary directory.
  • Run the executable file first and then unzip the ZIP files. For ZIP files, unzip them into the directory where PowerDesigner has been installed (by default this is c:\program files\sybase\powerdesigner 16).
  • Read and accept the License terms.

Enjoy your PowerDesigner InformationArchitect or PowerAMC Information Studio 15-day trial software


  • Application – The PowerDesigner InformationArchitect Main Installation
  • PDF Documentation – Printable versions of all available PowerDesigner product documentation
  • PowerDesigner Portal - Optional Component to Serve Repository Content – Server side component to make repository diagrams and metadata viewable through a standard Web Browser with role-based security
  • PowerDesigner Portal Composer - Optional capability for the Portal that allows read/write access to key text fields via the PowerDesigner Portal.  To evaluate Portal Composer, please call 1-800-8-SYBASE or contact your local Sybase office to request an evaluation key. This requires the installation of the SySAM License Server. More information on SySAM can be found on the Sybase SySAM page.
  • Repository Proxy Server – Optional Component for Remote Repository Access – Server side component to improve performance when accessing repository content from a remote (WAN-based) client machine
  • PowerDesigner Web Documentation

SQL Anywhere – Optional Data Server for Enterprise Repository

PowerAMC (version française de PowerDesigner)

  • ApplicationInstallation de PowerAMC Information Studio 
  • Documentation PDFVersion imprimable de toute la documentation PowerAMC
  • Modèles MOO de librairiesModèles UML de librairies pour la conception et le reverse engineering des langages orientés objets les plus courants : Java, C# and VB.NET
  • PowerAMC Explorateur WebComposant optionnel complémentaire du référentiel – Composant serveur permettant l'accès en lecture (contrôlé par le système de sécurité du référentiel) aux diagrammes et modèles par un explorateur Web standard
  • PowerAMC Web Editeur – Option de l'Explorateur Web permettant l'accès en écriture à quelques champs clés. Pour évaluer l'option PowerAMC Web Editeur, appelez le 1-800-8-SYBASE ou contactez votre représentant Sybase pour obtenir une clé d'évaluation. Cette option nécessite l'installation d'un serveur de licences SySAM.  Pour plus d'information sur SySAM, reportez vous à la page.
  • Proxy du RéférentielComposant optionnel d'accès au référentiel à distance – Composant serveur permettant d'améliorer les performances de l'accès au référentiel par des machines connectées par l'intermédiaire d'un réseau longue distance (à travers le WAN)
  • PowerAMC Documentation en ligne

SQL Anywhere – Serveur de base de données optionnel pour le référentiel de PowerAMC

For more information about PowerDesigner and PowerAMC, refer to the product page at:

PowerDesigner:  http://www.sybase.com/products/modelingdevelopment/powerdesigner

Ordering PowerDesigner
If you are interested in ordering a copy of PowerDesigner please call 1-800-8-SYBASE or contact your local Sybase office.  You may also purchase online at http://eshop.sybase.com/eshop/

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