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Data Digest: Big Data Management, Customer Data Goldmine, and Defeating Data Decay

Seven practices to add to your IT arsenal for big data projects, plus keeping data accurate and collecting the right customer data.

Data Digest: Data Samplng, Virtualization's Future, and Fighting Back with Active Defense

Working with just part of your data can hide key insights. Plus, the future of desktop virtualization and fighting against data breaches.

Data Digest: Shadow BI, the Future of Data Streaming and Storage, and Keeping Your Datacenter Flexible

Shadow BI applications can be useful and compliant. Plus, how data streams and data storage are changing in a big data world and keep your data responsive to today's challenges.

Data Digest: Selecting the Right RDBMS, Becoming a Data-Driven Enterprise, and Outsourcing IT

Articles that piqued our interest include an overview of RDBMS options, how to calmly outsource IT, and why knowing your data is key to turning your company into a data-driven enterprise.

Interana Accelerates Event and Time-Series Analysis

Start-up Interana proposes to marry the best aspects of the self-service model with best-in-class event and time-series processing at scale.

Teradata's SQL-on-Hadoop Strategy Begins with Presto

A transparent SQL-on-Hadoop query mechanism would open up data stored in Hadoop to Teradata Warehouse and a universe of SQL-speaking BI tools.

The Big Data Honeymoon is Over

What's driving our sudden, intense interest in data management and analytics?