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Wayne Eckerson

Lessons Learned by MDM Early Adopters: Reflections from TDWI’s MDM Insight Conference

This Webinar summarizes the key findings from the presentations and discussions that took place at the TDWI MDM Insights event, providing practitioners contemplating an MDM initiative a roadmap for delivering a successful solution.

Wayne Eckerson, Jill Dyché

Robert Abate

Convergence of SOA and Business Intelligence

This Webinar focuses on creating a Managed Data Environment (which supplies the foundation for both a rich BI & Services Oriented and Event-Driven Architectures).

Robert Abate

Cindi Howson

Successful Business Intelligence

In this session, Cindi Howson highlights findings from her new book Successful Business Intelligence: Secrets to Making BI a Killer App on the state of the industry and how some companies have achieved exceptional success.

Cindi Howson

Fast Track your Data Warehouse

Learn the Five Elements necessary to Fast Track your Data Warehouse initiatives by addressing information integration problems, streamlining requirements gathering and model design, and by accelerating the development process for information integration.

Claudia Imhoff

Robert Abate

How Business Architecture Drives BI

This Webinar will explain why Business Architecture should be the driving force behind BI projects and show how to incorporate model-driven development paradigms into your BI project.

Robert Abate

Philip Russom

Data Warehouse Appliances: An Update on the State of the Art

Webinar is an update on the state of the art in DWAs, to help users understand the best uses, evolutionary direction, leading products, and maturity of DWAs.

Philip Russom

Wayne Eckerson

The Secrets of Building an Agile, Adaptable BI Environment

Wayne Eckerson

The Ins and Outs of Open-Source Business Intelligence

Rajeev Rawatt

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    • BPM, CRM, SCM
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    • Sharing
    • Integration
    • ETL, EAI, EII
    • Replication
    • Data Governance

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